The Best Headphone Amps in Australia for 2021

If you are looking for the best headphone amps, then it is important to know what features and functionality you want. There are many different types of headphones that require their own type of amp. …

If you are looking for the best headphone amps, then it is important to know what features and functionality you want. There are many different types of headphones that require their own type of amp. Do you need an amp with a built-in DAC? Or do you need one with both analog inputs and digital inputs? It is important to figure out exactly what your needs are before making a final purchase decision. In this article, we will talk about the top 10 headphone amps according to our research!

Syba Sonic SD-DAC63057

Want your music to sound better? Stop using the headphone jack on your computer and give this popular Syba Sonic Headphone Amp a try.

The Syba Sonic SD-DAC63057 is a high-quality USB DAC and headphone amplifier with integrated de-pop function. It supports sampling rates of 24bit/96KHz, has an easy plug and play setup, no driver or software installation required for the S/PDIF output, but it does require external power to operate because it’s not battery powered.

Topping NX4 DSD Headphone Amplifier Decoder

Geared for PC, IOS devices and most Android devices, the NX4 DSD Amp has been designed to be compatible with these platforms so you can enjoy your music the way it was meant to sound.

The TOPPING NX4 DSD amplifier is fast with a surprising punch. The aluminum shell makes it lightweight but still capable of handling complex orchestral music without any loss in quality when compared to heavier desktop units. Vocals are clear, natural sounds that you can enjoy from all angles while the bass system provides solid definition for those who like their beats on heavy rotation!

The aluminum shell is sleek in design while still giving off a sense of quality from its volume control that doesn’t feel like any other amp out there on the market today. Amp up your audio experience with this amazing portable amplifier.

Schiit Audio Magni

The Schiit Audio Magni headphone amplifier is one of those units that you can use to power anything and everything. This is the perfect unit for all your audio needs whether it be headphones, speakers, or something else entirely! The Magni has a super clean sound with plenty of volume on tap.

The Schiit Audio Magni headphone amplifier sounds as good as its looks – which is excellent, in our humble opinion.

Rupert Neve Designs RNHP

if you have some more cash to spend consider this amp from Rupert Neve Designs. It’s a different looking amp, but it sounds fantastic The RNHP has a great soundstage as well and users enjoy the warmth in this unit. The bass is tighter than most other amps – if you’re into that sort of thing.

The Rupert Neve Designs RNHP has a clean and detailed sound. A well-built unit that sounds terrific, the Rupert Neve Designs RNHP headphone amp will be hard to beat.

Cyrus soundKey

Cyrus soundKey is an affordable portable headphone amplifier that is designed to be compatible with iOS and Android devices. The sound quality is surprisingly good considering the amp has been designed to fit in your pocket or bag easily.

When it comes to what headphones you want this amplifier for, we recommend anything from an earbud headphone up until a large pair of over-ear headphones.

S.M.S.L SP200 Balanced Headphone Amplifier

One of the newest products in their lineup, this headphone amp with top-of-the line audiophile THX AAA888 technology provides high fidelity and extreme output power. It can be used to drive a variety of different headsets including those that are high impedance or need higher sensitivity.

The SP200 is a versatile, high-quality headphone amplifier that can be used with any type of headphones. The balanced stereo output allows users to connect it directly into their mixing board for extremely clear sound during live performances or recordings and the resistors make sure heat doesn’t cause distortion in your music.

The SP200 comes equipped with an AC power supply and is also compatible for use on both XLR inputs as well as RCA input sources. The front panel includes connections for switching between 2 separate inputs (high gain & low gain) plus options for quarter inch outputs either through the included cable adapter or by using one’s own cables.

Headphone Amp Buying Guide

Below we discuss the key things you should keep in mind when selecting a headphone amplifier.

First, think about what features you need. A headphone amp should be able to accommodate all types of audio equipment, from studio monitors to DJ mixers, so look out for models with balanced XLR inputs. You should also take into account the number of impedance selections offered, which will often determine how many headphones can be used simultaneously with your amp.

Secondly, you’ll want to consider whether you want a portable or desktop headphone amp. This will largely depend on what you need; some are designed to be used with laptops during travel and others can handle multiple studio monitors.

Third, consider the power output of your headphone amp. One important factor is how many watts per channel an amplifier offers – a general rule of thumb is that when using speakers or headphones rated at 100 ohms or higher one needs about 50-100 milliwatt RMS for adequate volume settings.

Fourth, take into account whether you want DACs built in (Digital To Analog Converters). This feature can help improve sound quality particularly if you use lossless formats like FLAC files as it converts them from digital to analog before sending them through the electrical signal chain to your amp’s input stage

Finally, make sure you buy a headphone amplifier that is compatible with your laptop or computer’s operating system and audio interface (if applicable). This’ll ensure seamless integration between all components in your studio setup without having to use extra adapters or converters.

Headphone Amplifier FAQ

Are headphone amps worth it?

If you want to hear music the way it was intended to be heard, then yes. The amp will allow you to plug your headphones into a world of detail and clarity that other audio formats can’t match.

Are tube headphone amps better?

Tube headphone amplifiers are amps that use one or more vacuum tubes to amplify an electrical audio signal. Tubes are renowned for their rich, warm sound and a tube amp will usually have much lower output impedance than solid state headphone amplifier models.

Do I need an external power source for a headphone amp?

Some people prefer the added convenience of running on battery power while others see it as unnecessary weight that takes up extra space in your studio setup. If you’re recording music away from home then having a portable option is ideal but if you don’t think you’ll ever be without reliable AC power supply then this might not concern you at all.

How much difference does a headphone amp make?

A headphone amplifier can make a huge difference to your sound quality, especially when you’re using high-end headphones. Some models are designed for studio use while others will be better suited as at home listening devices that allow you to switch between multiple outputs with ease.

How much power do I need?

The amount of power required by an amp depends on the impedance and sensitivity of the speaker system being driven but most headphone amplifiers have plenty of headroom so don’t worry if this is something you get concerned about too often. It’s worth noting though, that some higher-quality tube amps put out more voltage than average solid state units so it would be wise to take this into consideration before making any purchases in order to avoid damaging your equipment.

Can a headphone amp be too powerful?

It is possible to use too much power on a headphone amp, especially for more sensitive sets of cans. It’s worth noting that some models are designed with lower impedance and higher sensitivity built in which will be less likely to need an output amplifier – however this won’t work well if you have high-impedance studio monitors or line stage speakers

Does headphone amp increase bass?

A headphone amplifier can help to increase the power of bass in headphones by giving them more voltage.

What should I look for before buying a headphone amp?

Before purchasing one it’s worth considering how often you’ll need to use it (if at all), what type of headphones or speakers they will be used with, and whether or not any software needs to be integrated into their usage.