Boenicke Speakers

Boenicke is a German company that manufactures high-end loudspeakers. The owner and founder of the company, Peter Boenicke, started his career as an apprentice for the German company Blüthner, where he later became head of the woodworking department

From Boenicke:

Boenicke Audio was founded in 1999. In
today’s hifi market with an overwhelming number of brands
(some say 20,000 worldwide!), we’ve scrutinized each of our
products, asking ourselves, “does anyone really need this?”
So Boenicke Audio has grown slowly and organically, not
focusing on the number of units to be sold but rather on the
quality and relevancy of our products.

As many loudspeakers as there are in the world, they can
roughly be broken down into three main categories. The first
is the loudspeaker that has been “invented” time and time
again: a bass-reflex box made from MDF with foam dampening, a dome tweeter, one or two cone-drivers on the perpendicular front baffle, plastic (lacquer) coating, mount spikes,
and a standard crossover network.

Many “big” loudspeaker manufacturers don’t even have
real in house skill anymore, but have their models designed
by third parties who don’t have a true emotional link to the
finished product. This is a fact, and we think that it might be
one of the main reasons why the hifi product market seems to
have become so impersonal.

This tired, passionless method of creation leads to a world
where the retail value of a product is perceived as paramount.
In this world it’s more about buying and selling (and this is
only possible if 99% of all gear is exchangeable) than about
finding a really good product and keeping it for many years
of pleasure and excitement